e-NABLE And Living One Handed!

Super excited to meet some awesome people like Ryan next week at our e-NABLE Conference! #enablingthefuture #gotwong

E-nabling The Future


In 1977, Ryan Haack was born missing his left forearm and it wasn’t until just a few years ago, he realized there were other people just like him out there in the world. He decided to start a blog with the hopes of sharing his experiences and helping others in the same situations.

Now, besides his very successful blog – he ran a successful Kckstarter campaign to create a children’s book titled “Different Is Awesome” and has a wonderful Youtube channel where he makes various instruction videos to teach people how to do things one handed! You can also check out his facebook page and a twitter account!


We are excited to finally get to meet Ryan next week when he joins us at our “Prosthetists Meets Printers” e-NABLE conference at Johns Hopkins Medical in Baltimore, MD on September 28th, 2014!

He was kind enough to be our guest…

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