Introducing e-NABLE’s Newest 3D Printed Hand Design – The Raptor!

Great news from e-NABLE! #enablethefuture #3dprinting #3dpp

E-nabling The Future


This past weekend we released our newest 3D printed prosthetic hand design – The Raptor – to 400 medical professionals, prosthetists and families at our first e-NABLE conference.

Our hope was to come up with a design that pulled the best parts from our best designs and create a device that is much easier to assemble, easier to print without supports and removes the need for hardware and materials that would be very difficult to acquire in countries where supplies are limited or completely out of reach.

Four of our main designers came together and created the Raptor Hand design in less than a month’s time so that we would have it ready to assemble during our workshops at the conference. Most of the design is put together with snap pins and they included holes in the palm design to give the option to use velcro or leather to…

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